Parents With Questions

Parents With Questions - Not On Our Watch!

So I have been hearing about the Australian Government trying to make our children their guineapigs against our own better judgement.

I also came in contact with a group of business owners called “Parents With Questions“. And what a great bunch of parents they are!

Recently another group, citizens for facts, put out a great PDF with all the facts in it too. “Is The Vaccine Safe For Our Children” is a very informative PDF document with all you need to know. WORTH a download.

In the meantime, I attended an online meeting with hundreds of Parents With Questions. It was run by some business owners who had created a concept whilst sitting around a campfire. They themselves had been the first to invest in it too.

I have seen some groups forming, many of whom are mostly trying to make money, but these guys were very different.

Somehow, without manipulation, pushy tactics or any marketing tactics, they managed to raise over $500,000 in a little over 8 weeks!

Then they commissioned a group of lawyers to act on their behalf. It seems to me that everyone who has a major role is a volunteer with their time and does what they do best at cost price. So it saved the group a fortune!

I would suggest any parent who has questions should not ignore their gut feeling. Go read, study and learn what you need to know in order to protect your children!