My name is Scott Nailon. I have been fulltime
in web design, web hosting, Search Engine
Optimisation and similar services since 2010.

I can plan, write, build, optimise, launch
and support websites.

After all these years I can also assist in
building Web Design Agencies from the
ground up.


Scott Nailon

I own Faith Computing Pty Ltd. Being eternally optimistic, I have built multiple start-up brands and business models over the years. And, depending on their success, I have absorbed many into Sites By Design or shut them down due to lack of viability. Being client-focused is always the aim of any startup. It’s all about delivering the most value possible. The key is to always build them away from Scott Nailon as a business owner through systemising them. Also, I believe the key to building a successful business is to ensure it becomes self-sufficient as soon as it can.

So, Below are the Logos of my start-up ventures. Contact me if you want to know more about any of my startups! Finally, I love to talk about business and also learn more about those who end up on my website!

Kind Regards,

Scott Nailon